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Monday Mojo – A Quick Meditation to Start Your Week Off Right

Monday Mojo – A Quick Meditation to Start Your Week Off Right

Monday Mojo - Meditation to Start Your Week Off RightCare giving is a tough job. We give all our attention and effort to our care giving role. Sometimes it feels as if we are consumed with care giving and that can cause a lot of stress. Meditation releases stresses which accumulate in our body and mind. Allowing stresses to build up causes ailments in the body and fatigue in the mind. Daily practice of meditation prevents this build up and heals us at all levels. A few minutes a day of meditation are like gold to caregivers, so with that being said, let’s get started…

First, take a moment to find a quiet place. Leave all your worries and stresses in the other room. As you listen to this meditation and as you hear these words, remember to clear your mind from all the swirling activity in your life. Take a moment to relax, take a break, close your eyes and sit back. Imagine you are sitting outside on a warm and sunny day. You feel the sun kissing your skin and shining all around you. Take in all of it’s warmth and energy. Feel the penetrating rays at just the right temperature. See, sense and feel that warmth. It’s almost like a blanket that surrounds your whole body. As you receive the healing energy rays of the sun, they are transforming all the parts of your body. Your heart adjusts to it’s rhythm to reflect this healing light and your mind becomes still. You are totally relaxed. You know what you need to do moving forward. You are positive. You feel energized and happy. You are ready. You have faith in yourself. You are at peace.

Take a moment to bring yourself back to reality and remember, life is a gift. As a caregiver we’re fortunate to be entrusted with caring for another life. So keep a smile on your face, use your heart when caring for your patient and meditate when possible. The strength of the human spirit is inspiring. With meditation as your companion, you will be amazed at the way you deal with the situations and obstacles you face. Always remember, you are doing a good job!

For additional support, call us at 561-588-4545. Thanks for joining me today! Have a great week and stay positive!