Hit the Road! Fun Things To Do Without Leaving Your Car!

Hit the Road! Fun Things To Do Without Leaving Your Car!

Alzheimer's ActivitiesActivity ideas can be a challenge for caregivers.  Sometimes the idea of going on an outing with your loved one sounds exhausting or perhaps you or your loved one have a mobility issue.

The good news is there are fun ways to enjoy time together without ever leaving your car!  Try these suggestions next time you want to have fun and hit the open road:

  • Go to a drive thru:  A midday milkshake or cup of coffee might seem like an errand to you, but the experience is actually fun and stimulating for a person with dementia.  You might even consider one type of food or drink and then try all the different drive thrus that serve that item to taste test!  You can also keep a taste test long to rate the coffee, french fries or milkshakes to decide which one you and your loved one like best.
  • Take a scenic drive:  For those of you who live near the beach, a lake or other scenic area consider a drive with the windows down to enjoy the view.
  • Drive in movie:  Some areas still have drive-in movie theatres.  In Palm Beach County consider the Lake Worth Drive-In for a movie and popcorn with your loved one.
  • Drive thru exhibits and shows:  For those in Palm Beach County, Lion Country Safari offers an excellent opportunity to drive through natural animal habitats and see beautiful creatures large and small roaming right near your car window.  Around the holidays, many communities offer drive thru light displays.

So hit the road and enjoy time with your loved one.  Want more activity ideas that are individualized for your loved one’s interests and level of functioning?  We can complete an activity and interest assessment and then create a unique activity plan just for your loved one through our Coaching for Caregivers program.

Call the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center today at 561-588-4545 to learn more about our services.  Our door is always open for you!