Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’ve got so many questions… Where do I begin?

A. The fact that you are on our site and have begun to research the options available to you as a patient or caregiver is an excellent first step. It is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed and to have a lot of questions. The Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center is here to help.Call us at 800-209-4342 and we will help you through – one step at a time.

Q.  I live so far away… How can you help?

A. Many of our clients are adult children that live out of state and are struggling to care for their loved one from a distance. They are trying to balance and manage their own family, career and other day to day obligations and still help their aging parent or family member.  The Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center has successfully helped hundreds of families just like yours. Our services are designed to give you the peace of mind you need and the quality of care your loved one deserves.

Q. Money is an issue…

A. Helping you determine the most cost effective way of caring for your loved one and still assuring that they enjoy a good quality of life is one of the first things we will help you address.  There are many, many options available to you and our staff will help decide what works best for you.

Q. My mother/father/spouse is in denial. Now what?

A. Finding out that you have a probable Alzheimer’s diagnosis or that you or your loved one suffers from mild cognitive impairment or dementia is difficult to say the least. The Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center provides coaching, education, information, referrals and on-going support. You are never alone.

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