ElderCare Calls

ElderCare Callstm

If you have a parent, elderly, or disabled relative who is living independently, you always want to be sure they are safe, healthy, and remember the important activities in their lives. We understand what it’s like. We also understand that, due to busy lives and demanding schedules, it’s not always possible to check on them everyday or multiple times throughout the day. Introducing… ElderCare Callstm

ElderCare Callstm are designed to help fill in the gaps between calls and visits from you, and/or home healthcare professionials. We will check to see that your mom is taking her medicine as prescribed, and that your dad is doing his daily exercise and remembers his upcoming doctors appointment.

Unlike other services, which are automated, ElderCare Callstm are made by live people. Even though it would be less expensive for us to have a machine do all the work, we feel a machine cannot substitute for a caring and friendly voice on the other end of the phone. Only a human being can develop a relationship, provide valuable social interaction, and get a sense for when things just do not seem right. 

How it Works

An ElderCare Call is a three step process. Each call has a purpose, determined by you. Below is an example of how a typical ElderCare Callworks.

The ElderCare Call
Each day, a live ElderCare Specialist will check in on your loved one by making a brief phone call.  We will start with some friendly conversation with the goal of understanding how they are feeling emotionally and physically.

ElderCare Monitoring
Along the way, we check on health and saftey issues as instructed by you and we remind them to take their medications, eat hot-nutritious meals, excercise and perfom other activites that improve their quality of life.

ElderCare Update
At the end of the day, we will send you an email or text message updating you and letting you know that everything is okay and that we fulfilled the requirements of the call.  If we suspect any problems, we will notify you immediately.

ElderCare Calls can be easily customized based on the needs of you and your loved one.  You can tell us what you would like us to achieve with each call, when to place the call (morning, afternoon or evening), and we will take care of the rest!  Our basic plan includes one call per day – Monday through Friday.  You have the option of scheduling up to three calls per day, weekend calls, and exact time calls (when a call must take place at an exact time e.g. 7:30 p.m. for medication reminding). There are no contracts and you can change or cancel your services at any time.

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