Elayne Forgie Stands with Maria Shiver and 100 Other Women to Help #wipeoutalz

Elayne Forgie Stands with Maria Shiver and 100 Other Women to Help #wipeoutalz


The Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center is pleased to announce that our Founder, President and CEO, Elayne Forgie, has been recognized by Maria Shriver as one of the approximately 100 women who are on the forefront of the fight to wipe out Alzheimer’s.

Each of the women who stand by Maria in the Wipe Out Alzheimer’s campaign have been at the forefront of the fight to wipe out Alzheimer’s in their roles as advocates, researchers, agitators, instigators and innovators.

Each has committed to support the Alzheimer’s Association Women’s Alzheimer’s Research Fund and continue to make Alzheimer’s and women’s brain health a priority in their lives, their work and their philanthropy. 100% of them have given tremendously in their own way.

Every 67 seconds a brain develops Alzheimer’s and two thirds of them belong to women. Wipe Out Alzheimer’s is a grassroots, social action campaign to mobilize a movement of women to get educated, get engaged, get empowered and wipe out Alzheimer’s.

Go to the WipeOut Alzheimer’s Website and learn how you can join Elayne, and other women across this nation to help end Alzheimer’s disease #endalz

In partnership with A Woman’s Nation, the Alzheimer’s Association and a global community of empowered women, the challenge will enlist women to take “The Pledge”, help raise funds to research women’s brains and challenge other organizations to make women’s brain research a priority. The challenge was informed and inspired by “The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Takes on Alzheimer’s”.

Use hashtags to help raise awareness! #endalz #wipeoutalz


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