Alzheimer's Dementia Specific Training West Palm Beach

At the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center our educational programs, Alzheimer’s/dementia specific training and our weekly workshops have been designed to meet the diverse needs of our caregivers
Caregivers struggle every day and often need immediate access to information, education, tips or training on a host of difficult behaviors and problems.  Some of the topics our caregivers have asked us to cover include:

  • Understanding dementia
  • Managing memory loss
  • Understanding how Alzheimer’s disease is diagnosed
  • Understanding the behaviors commonly seen in Alzheimer’s/ dementia patients
  • Learning new ways to respond to challenging behaviors
  • Finding balance in your life and take care of yourself
  • Learning how to reduce stress and improve coping skills
  • Planning for future needs
  • How to communicate with the Alzheimer’s/dementia patient
  • How to manage common difficult behaviors
  • How to provide personal care
  • Effective medication management
  • How to take away the keys
  • How to find appropriate activities for the cognitively impaired patient
  • Managing combativeness
  • Coping with sundowners
  • How to access community based services