Education & Training

Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Training

The Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center promotes on-going dementia specific training, education and standards for professionals and other caregivers who provide services to Alzheimer’s, dementia or other cognitively impaired patients and their families.

We have expanded the Alzheimer’s disease educational services we offer to include topics that are important to family caregivers, patients and paid caregivers of those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or other memory impairment.

Alzheimer's Dementia Specific Training and Education West Palm Beach

Test and Train Program

Our Test and Train Program™, available to local home health agencies, nurse registries and community based organizations, and provides skills testing as well as individualized and group training on Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other neurocognitive disorders.

Each caregiver that attends the Test and Train program must demonstrate that they have the acquired the appropriate skills and level of expertise necessary to not only meet the patients physical care needs, but provide appropriate cognitive stimulation, which is so important to someone with Alzheimer’s disease.

For family caregivers, visit our page on Alzheimer’s/dementia specific education and training for Alzheimer’s caregivers.   

And if you are a professional or individual seeking Level I or Level II Alzheimer’s Disease training,  our Level I and Level II Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Training Courses are approved by the Florida Department of Elder Affairs and are the most sought after classes in Palm Beach County!