Coaching for Kids™ – Helping Children and Teens Cope with Alzheimer’s Disease

Coaching for KidsCoaching for Kids – Helping Children and Teens Cope with Alzheimer’s Disease

In today’s world, children are more likely to spend time either living with, or helping to care for their grandparents. And for those kids that don’t see their grandparents often, they may find the changes in grandma or grandpa to be upsetting or frightening.

Little ones may shy away or cry. Older children may become angry or withdrawn. This can be very upsetting to both the child and to the person with memory loss.

Reading a story about Alzheimer’s disease to a young child is often a good way to explain what is happening to the person they love; while older children and teens usually need a bit more help.

Alzheimer’s Teen Support Group

The Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center offers a teen support group, an online, supervised chat room and a variety of age appropriate books to help parents and children understand Alzheimer’s disease while learning ways in which they can continue to enjoy a strong, loving relationship with their grandparent.

Our Coaching for Kids program also provides one-on-one education, counseling, guidance and support.

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