Care Management, Assisted Living Facilities, and Abuse

Care Management, Assisted Living Facilities, and Abuse

Care Management, Assisted Living Facilities, and Abuse

Care managers are trained professionals who have experience in guiding family members and their afflicted loved ones to find the appropriate resources they need. They are also able to assist in handling their clients’ personal affairs. The tasks that a care manager performs may vary but can involve managing the financial, legal, or medical affairs of the clients they serve. Above all, they counsel family members and advocate for them and their loved ones in times of need.

Care managers can have a background in an array of fields including nursing, psychology, counseling, or geriatric health care. The Alzheimer’s Association states, “[A care manager] may be a social worker, nurse, gerontologist, counselor, or other professional.”[1] Care managers comprise, therefore, a diverse group of professionals all dedicated to meet a common goal: to guide families through their caregiving journey. This guidance comes through caregiver coaching, supervising families on a regular basis, and monitoring the health condition of an elderly loved one.

Placement and Elder Abuse 

One of the most important tasks a care manager performs is to assist families while they place an aging or ill loved one in an assisted living facility. These facilities can be important environments for the continued care of an elderly individual. Care managers can find the appropriate facility, help families adjust to the placement of a loved one, scope out any health concerns, and provide ongoing supervision. Most importantly, they help families monitor their loved one’s health status in a facility to ensure that there are no signs of abuse or neglect.

If abuse or neglect is suspected, care managers are capable of alerting the appropriate authorities and can connect families to elder abuse attorneys. They play an incredibly important role in instances of abuse, finding the appropriate resources necessary to address such a serious matter. Care managers are, thus, part of a dynamic network of resources aimed at caring and educating families and their loved ones.

Organizations like the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center offer care management services that can not only help supervise you on your caregiving journey, but also ensure the wellbeing of your loved one. If you have questions, then please call (877) 760-9199 or email us below.

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