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Ask the Expert – Managing Anger

Ask the Expert – Managing Anger

Alzheimer's Care West Palm BeachQuestion – My husband seems to be angry all the time. What can I do to help?

Answer –  Anger is a strong emotional response that often shows itself as a desire to fight back at the cause of the displeasure. Sometimes if feelings of anxiety and frustration go unacknowledged,   emotions can escalate into anger. Try these tips:

  • Use a gentle, supportive approach and acknowledge his feelings
  • Speak slowly and clearly. Misinterpreting a conversation may cause anger.
  • Sudden noises or movements may startle him and can quickly lead to anger. Make sure you are in sight before touching him.
  • Ask only one question at a time. Try not to contradict or scold. Step in subtly if he is struggling with a task.
  • Be aware of the age-appropriateness of the activities you give him to do. He may become angry if engaged in child-like tasks
  • Back-off and give him time to cool down if he becomes angry,
  • Too much noise can cause frustration. Turn off the TV or radio.
  • Keep a log showing when angry incidents occur. Look for triggers and patterns.
  • Change can increase confusion and frustration. Try to keep a consistent routine.
  • Side effects of certain medications can affect mood. Speak with his physician.
  • Physical discomfort may cause anger. Consider whether he is in pain, constipated, or hungry.
  • Try to remain calm and reassuring

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