An Active Loved One Equals a Happy Caregiver

older active adultsActivity is essential for all humans.  Activity can come in many forms including exercise, socializing, participating in a hobby or interest as well as all of the things we do during a say that stimulate our mind. For a person with dementia, activity once relished can sometimes become a challenge as the brain begins to cross messages, personalities change, memory becomes increasingly impaired and social connections dwindle.  A lack of activity is not healthy for the brain or any part of our body, and it can be detrimental to our physical health and mood as well.  Those with middle stage Alzheimer’s disease may lack activity and self- stimulate, meaning their body is bored and this can enhance feelings of restlessness, anxiety or the desire to wander.  Research has clearly shown activity helps diminish behavioral challenges, socialization can improve mood and cognitive stimulation can slow progression of symptoms. Often we receive calls from caregivers who want to enhance their loved ones day with activity but are not sure where to start.  The Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center offers Coaching for Caregivers which provides a comprehensive assessment of a care receiver’s current activities, behavior and communication challenges, evaluation of stage and ability level and history of interests including hobbies, professional training and prior affiliations.  Our Care Navigators then craft a Coaching for Caregivers Plan to provide education and training to the caregiver and a recommended activity plan to help enhance the care receiver’s daily routine.  The Care Navigator can provide subsequent support by adapting activity plans as a loved one progresses in their disease. Appropriate activity that has been individualized for your loved ones level of functioning and interests is an essential part of your care plan. Reduced stress, diminished challenging behaviors and an improved mood all contribute to a happier care receiver which equals a happier caregiver!  If you believe you or a loved one may benefit from Coaching for Caregivers to help enhance activity for a person with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia REACH OUT to Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center today.  Our door is always open, how can we support you?