Wednesday Workshop – What Triggers the Need for Care Management?

Wednesday Workshop – What Triggers the Need for Care Management?

Wednesday Workshop – What Triggers the Need for Care Management?

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Workshop. Are you the type of caregiver who juggles a career, family needs and caregiving responsibilities at the same time? Do you live in a different state or too far away from your loved one to care for them and their everyday needs? Are you constantly wondering what going on with your loved one’s health condition?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you may want to look into care management services. Services from a care manager should be something that every family takes advantage of, but in reality, very few families use them.

Care managers can go a long way towards helping your family find better and more efficient ways of providing care for your loved one. It’s a simple concept. A family can hire a professional advisor to act as a guide as they navigate the maze of long-term care.

They help assess individual needs, thoughtfully craft appropriate care options, and empower caregivers and families to make choices to enhance their loved ones safety and quality of life through the creation of a personalized Care Navigation™ plan. But how do you know if you need a care manager?

Here are some situations that may trigger the need for a Care Manager:

  • Problems are becoming larger and more complex than you can deal with
  • Demands and responsibilities are now overwhelming and too time consuming
  • Medical and supportive care costs are spiraling out of control
  • Require assistance with placement and home service options
  • The entire family is at odds regarding care decisions
  • Impaired communication between family members and service providers
  • The person you care for has limited or no family support
  • You live at a distance from your loved one
  • Education and direction is needed to deal with difficult behaviors associated with dementia

People have different needs and more times than not, a crisis is what triggers the search for care management. A lot of uncertainty can be avoided if you talk with your loved one before a crisis happens. You may be surprised to find your parents have been meaning to have the talk too and are relieved when you take the lead.

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