Wednesday Workshop – How to Have a Successful Visit with a Loved One with Memory Loss

Wednesday Workshop – How to Have a Successful Visit with a Loved One with Memory Loss

Wednesday Workshop – How to Have a Successful Visit with a Loved One with Memory Loss

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Workshop. For family caregivers whose loved one has been placed in a facility, the idea of visiting them can be somewhat intimidating. You may feel uncomfortable in the environment or unsure about what to say during your visit. Of course you want your time together to be meaningful, but how can you make that happen?

With the help of our tips from the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center, we can help you to have a successful visit with your loved one who is living with memory loss issues.

Prior to the actual visit, you will need to get rid of any expectations you have about the visit and/or your loved one. Their disease may cause the person to act differently than what you’re accustomed to but be flexible. Remain present and in the moment. Sometimes, simple gestures like a warm smile or a calming activity like listening to soothing music can be very meaningful.

The trick is to find those “little moments of joy”! To do that, focus on your loved one’s strengths. If they enjoy creating art, then consider brings some paints or markers to create something together. Even if the activity is something small like a completed drawing or sketch – that drawing represents the connection that you both shared at the visit.

Some extra tips include:

Visit during the best time: If you are familiar with your loved one’s moods throughout the day, then try to visit during those times when he or she will be the least aggravated or tired.

Keep questions simple: Like communicating with any aging individual who has memory loss, try not to ask complicated questions. Instead, try to ask “yes” or “no” questions like: “Are you feeling happy today?” or “Would you like something to eat?” and so on.

Minimize distractions: If there are a lot of noises outside, then close doors or windows. If there are TVs on which may be interfering, turn down the volume. Try to facilitate communication by removing noise and other environmental factors that may distract your loved one.

Bring Gifts: An easy way to do this is to bring your loved one’s favorite treats like pastries or some tea from a café. This act can make a big difference in their mood.

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