Wednesday Workshop ~ Helping Parents with Showering & Changing Clothes

Wednesday Workshop – Helping Elderly Parents with Showering and Changing Clothes

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Workshop. When you’re aging parent or loved one begins refusing to take a shower or change into fresh clothes it becomes very frustrating for the caregiver. In this article we’ll look at four reason why your loved one is refusing to shower and some tips on how to combat the obstacles.

  1. Depression – If your loved one no longer takes an interest in staying clean or wearing clean clothes, then consider taking your loved one to the doctors for a check-up.
  2. Control – As people age, they lose more and more control over their lives. But one thing they generally can control is dressing and showers. The more they are nagged, the more they resist.
  3. Decreased Sense of Sight & Smell – As we age, our sense of sight and smell decreases. It’s a natural thing that happens to everyone.
  4. Memory – Your loved one may simply lose track of time and don’t realize how long it’s been since they showered.

There are different approaches to take, once you’ve figured out why bathing is such a big deal. If a doctor finds the elder is depressed and antidepressants work, the problem may solve itself. A renewed interest in life may make the person more aware of needing (or wanting) a shower or bath and clean clothes. Energy may increase and that, too, helps.

If you find you are in a power struggle with the elder refusing to be “bossed around,” a little trickery can come in handy. If the elder has a good friend, it sometimes works to get the friend to give a call and say, “Hey, Thelma. Shower up and put on your newest outfit. We need to go out and have lunch.” A reason to get cleaned up for someone besides family, coupled by an “I don’t care what you smell or look like if you don’t” attitude by the son or daughter, can sometimes do the trick.

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