Wednesday Workshop – Becoming a Caregiver series – Finding the Support You Need

Wednesday Workshop – Becoming a Caregiver series – Finding the Support You Need


Wednesday Workshop – Becoming a Caregiver series – Finding the Support You Need

Welcome to today’s Wednesday Workshop and our final episode in our series on Becoming a Caregiver. To take care of your own personal needs throughout your caregiving journey, you’ll need to call on various sources of support. Support falls under two categories: informal and formal.
Informal support refers to friends, family, neighbors, and faith communities. These groups often consist of people who knew your loved one before the onset of the disease. They may be very reliable when you need to arrange respite care. And their home visits can be as much for your benefit as for your loved one, by keeping you socially connected. However, some caregivers report that although these groups are well-meaning, they sometimes drift away, leaving the caregiver feeling hurt and confused – and without the promised help they need.

So how can you maintain a connection with your informal support systems? Help them help you! Those closest to you will likely want to continue to be there, but just as you had some things to learn, they do too. Through a phone call, visit or a detailed letter, tell them about your loved ones diagnosis; symptoms and the behaviors of your loved one. Let them know what kind of assistance you need and provide suggestions for activities during their visits. Most people want to help, they just don’t know where to begin.

Formal support systems include organizations like the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center; which provides programs and services just for individuals that are caring for someone with Alzheimer’s. Some of our formal support services include a variety of programs via our Coaching for Caregivers program such as individual and family counseling and coaching; education and training on managing care and difficult behaviors; a variety of caregiver support groups; as well as affordable geriatric care management services, to name but a few.

Finding the Support You Need

Finding systems of support is not something to do only if you have the time or when you reach a crisis. Engaging long-term support is critical to sustaining your health and the well-being of your loved one throughout the disease process. Call the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center at (561) 588-4545 to schedule a complimentary Coaching for Caregiver’s session and let us help empower you to be a confident, knowledgeable and healthy caregiver as you navigate the many challenges that accompany caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease.

To contact the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center

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