Wednesday Workshop – An Introduction to Mobility Tips for Your Loved One

Wednesday Workshop – An Introduction to Mobility Tips for Your Loved One

Wednesday Workshop – An Introduction to Mobility Tips for Your Loved One

Hello and welcome to today’s Wednesday Workshop. Mobility usually refers to ambulation such as walking, climbing stairs, and transferring through spaces. Your loved one’s care is extremely important because it affects their health and independence. When your loved one requires assistance with transferring, it’s always important to explain what you are doing prior to beginning.

Here are some mobility tips to help your loved one:

  • Plan the transfer before you begin
  • Wear non-skid shoes for safety
  • Explain what you are doing before transferring
  • Keep your back as straight as possible and lift with your leg muscles
  • Pivot the body instead of twisting
  • Get help from another if your loved one is too heavy to lift alone

Your loved one may require help walking in the form of a cane, or a walker, or a wheelchair.

If he or she uses a cane, you should make sure that your loved one:

  • Holds the cane in the hand opposite the weaker leg
  • Leans on the cane when moving the stronger leg
  • Stands straight and looks forward rather than down

If your loved one uses a walker he or she should:

  • Move the walker only one step length forward
  • Push his or her hands down on the walker when stepping forward

If your loved one uses a wheelchair, be sure to:

  • Adjust the height of the foot pedals so that your loved one’s hip-knee angle is 90 degrees
  • Prepare the wheelchair for transfer by
    • Locking the brakes
    • Moving the footrests out of the way
    • Assisting the care recipient in putting his or her feet shoulder width apart
    • Pull the wheelchair backwards over bumps and curbs

By using safe mobility procedures, you not only aid your loved one in remaining more independent, you can also help prevent accidents, falls, and other mobility-related health conditions.

Thank you for watching our Wednesday Workshop.

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