Each week the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center holds special educational workshops just for you!

Our Wednesday Workshops focus on a wide variety of topics, that we have created based on our caregivers input.

On Friday’s we host a Special Speaker that will further educate our caregivers on the things that are most important to them.Our Special Speakers are the most respected professionals in Palm Beach County and are here just for YOU!

Please see our Upcoming Events Calendar for a Wednesday Workshop that might interest you, or call us to suggest a topic!

5 Wishes Document

The Joys of Giving Back – Volunteering

How Can a Geriatric Care Manager Help Me?

The First Point of Contact for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Healthy Ways to Manage Stress

How to Balance Family, Work and Caregiving

Technologies That Can Help You With Caregiving

How and Why You Should Register for the Walk to END Alzheimer’s

Caregiving From Afar – Tips for Long Distance Caregivers

Home is Where the Heart Is – The Benefits of Aging in Place

Socialization for Those Living with Alzheimer’s Disease

Anger Management – How to Conquer Problems of Aggression and Anger

How to Conquer Problems of Fatigue in Dementia

How to Deal with Hallucinations in Dementia

Managing Sleep Issues and Sundowning

What to do After a Caregiver Burnout

3 Ways to Remain Independent

Mastering Your Emotions – Never Lose Control Again

A Caregiver Boost – How to Get More Energy

Talking with the Adult Child of an Alzheimer’s Patient

Senior Humor – Ways to Use Humor as a Healing Tool in Alzheimer’s

Milestone Memories

Finding Affordable Alzheimer’s Home Care Services

A Caregiver Conversation with Mr. Logan

Self Preservation – Don’t Lose Your Identity

Sensations of Song – The Benefits of Music Therapy in Alzheimer’s

Coaching vs Therapy – What are the Differences?

Benefits of Joining for a Support Group

Alzheimer’s & Alcohol

Why Redirection Works

All You Need To Know About a Healthy Heart & Stress Relief

Caring for Yourself to Better Help Your Loved One

5 Wishes for 2014

Preventing Wandering and Keeping the Alzheimer’s Patient Safe

ElderCare Elves

Give Yourself a Gift

November and Sagittarius

Veteran’s Benefits

ElderCare Elves

Be Stress Free and Plan with Dignity

October and Scorpio

Bathing the Alzheimer’s Patient

Don’t Be Spooked by Long-Term Care

Medication Management

Assisted Living Facility vs. Independent Living

Transition Anywhere Program

Moving Mom & Dad

Virgo & Trying Too Hard

Coaching for Kids!

Navigating the World of Your Inner Self- Leo & Feelings of Grief 

End of Life & Palliative Care Services

Making the Nursing Home Decision

Tips To Help Your Loved One Manage Tasks

Summertime Travel Tips to Enjoy Your Vacation

Geriatric Care Navigation ~ What Is It? Why Do I Need It?

Dementia Specific Hurricane Preparedness Program

Self Care Zodiac in the Sign of Gemini (Courageousness)

Hoarding in the Alzheimer’s Patient

Self Care Zodiac in the Sign of Taurus

Milestone Memories Program

Navigating the World of Your Inner Self – The Self Care Zodiac

Alzheimer’s Care – How to Prevent Wandering

Alzheimer’s Care – 9 Tips for New Caregivers

Alzheimer’s Care – Navigating the World of Your Inner Self

Alzheimer’s Care – Caregiving Across the Ages

Alzheimer’s Care – Confident Caregiving

Alzheimer’s Care – Socialization for the Alzheimer’s Patient

Alzheimer’s Care – Aggression & Anger in the Alzheimer’s Patient

Alzheimer’s Care – Navigating the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center

Alzheimer’s Care – Caregiver Guilt During the Holidays

Alzheimer’s Care – Caregiver Conversations: Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care and Support

Alzheimer’s Care – Veteran’s Benefits

Alzheimer’s Disease – Clinical Research

Alzheimer’s Care – Making the Most of Your Visit With an Alzheimer’s Patient

Alzheimer’s Care – Stress Less Caregiver Support

Alzheimer’s Care – Alzheimer’s and Dementia Specific Counseling Services

Alzheimer’s Care – Coaching for Caregivers

Alzheimer’s Care – Geriatric Care Management Services

The Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center is the only non-profit organization in Palm Beach, Broward and Martin County focused strictly on meeting the needs of Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers.


Call the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center today at 561-588-4545 to learn more about our services.  Our door is always open for you!