Our hope in these 10 minute segments, is to provide Jewish and Christian caregivers seeking a connection with their faith, an opportunity to be uplifted and comforted as they face each day in their role as a caregiver of a loved one that has Alzheimer’s disease or some form of dementia.

Waves of Faith will be offered twice a month for our Jewish caregivers and twice a month for our Christian caregivers. We invite you to sit back, relax and reflect, and as always, when you are ready to reach out, the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center is here for you.

Jewish Waves of Faith – Yom Kippur 2014

Christian Waves of Faith – Hide in the Shadow of the Lord

Jewish Waves of Faith – Tisha B’Av 

Christian Waves of Faith – Happy Fourth of July

Jewish Waves of Faith – Shavuot 2014

Christian Waves of Faith – Do You Need Time to Refresh?

Jewish Waves of Faith – Jewish American Heritage Month

Christian Waves of Faith – Do You Believe This?

Jewish Waves of Faith – Passover 2014

Christian Waves of Faith – Awake, Dry Bones Arise

Christian Waves of Faith – A Message for the New Year

Jewish Waves of Faith – Change the World

Christian Waves of Faith – Fear Not, It’s a Day of Great Hope

Jewish Waves of Faith – New Beginnings

Jewish Waves of Faith – Thanksgiving & Hanukkah

Christian Waves of Faith- Focus on God

Jewish Waves of Faith- New Beginnings

Christian Waves of Faith- Keep Your Eyes on God: Don’t Lose Focus

Jewish Waves of Faith- Sukkot 

When You Reach the End of Your Rope


Don’t Get Discouraged

Finding True Beauty in Everyone

Call Upon God When You Feel Discouraged

 God Notices Your Work with Pastor Joe Trapani

Jewish Waves of Faith – Heal My Pain

Christian Waves of Faith- Finding Encouragement

Jewish Waves of Faith – Purim

Christian Waves of Faith – Pastor Joe Trapini

Christian Waves of Faith – Finding Strength

Jewish Waves of Faith- Tu Bishvat

Christian Waves of Faith – Finding Inspiration Throughout the Day

Jewish Waves of Faith – Hanukkah

Christian Waves of Faith – Caregiving is a Spiritual Calling 

Jewish Waves of Faith – Nobody’s Perfect
Jewish Waves of Faith – Finding Your Peaceful Place
Jewish Waves of Faith – Yedid Nefesh

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