Waves of Faith – A Prayer for Dealing with Hardships

Waves of Faith – A Prayer for Dealing with Hardships

Waves of Faith – A Prayer for Dealing with Hardships

Hello and welcome to Waves of Faith. For those of you who are looking to reconnect to your spirit, here’s a prayer for you.

Relax and listen to this prayer for dealing with hardships, sickness, and loss.

Father, there is just so much in this life that hurts and is hard. We do not want to accept the way things are. We want things to go back to the way they were. Help us Father, to accept the things we can’t change. Help us to realize that people make choices that we have no control over, even when they affect our lives. But You are our loving Father, and even if we find ourselves at places that are not of our choosing, You still make a way. You still have a good plan for us and even though we are on a different path than what we pictured for ourselves, it will lead to something good, because You promise, Lord. Even in death and loss and disease and heartache, You are still good and You will never leave us or forsake us.

By Debbie Kay

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