Therapeutic Thursday – The Great Outdoors: Connecting with Nature

Therapeutic Thursday – The Great Outdoors: Connecting with Nature

Therapeutic Thursday – The Great Outdoors – Connecting with NatureTherapeutic Thursday – The Great Outdoors: Connecting with Nature

Connecting to nature is not simply a matter of getting some fresh air, rather, it is a matter of reconsidering our individuality and our wider human and ecological relationships. We believe that a fuller connection with nature can bring life-enhancements to the point where it changes who we are for the better.

Here is how to find that inner harmony with nature that you desire: 

1. Find a slightly isolated location. It may be rare to find a perfect place unless you live out in the country so make the best of what you have already.

2. Find a comfortable position. Whether you’re lying down gazing at the sky or sitting up meditating, just be sure that your posture allows for correct breathing.

3. Be at peace. If a person or non-natural sound distracts you, be happy for the occasional reality awakening. Finding yourself and connecting with the universe is beautiful, but it might become too easy to slip away from what’s real.

4. Connect with your senses. They may be of an earthly substance, but if you’re using nature to accompany you in the process, this is the best way. It is a very pleasant experience when you are aware of what really exists. You will begin to realize and be thankful for the true beauty that surrounds you.

5. Look within and accept. It’s important to know who you are and to occasionally find time to walk inside the beautiful temple of love that was given to you by the eternal creator. This is not to be associated with religion. It is spirituality and it is all you need to survive, because it provides you with the essence of life.

6. Talk to Mother Nature. The plants love the voices all around them. Tell them you are thankful to have them. Calm your thoughts and your body and embrace their beauty. Connect your soul with theirs and you will find happiness within yourself. When you connect your soul and all your thoughts are clean and free, you may feel energy passing through them to your soul. It can happen. Just believe in yourself. You can accomplish anything that comes your way. Ask yourself:

  • What are they in reality?
  • Who or what designed them?
  • Was it you or me?

There are countless ways to connect and recharge with Mother Nature. Hiking and canoeing are two classics. Their quiet rhythmic qualities are especially soothing. They require a sharpening of the senses and the sensibilities. You learn to better use your ears, eyes, sense of smell and balance. In it’s own sense, we become more alive when we become more mindful and present. Even the simplest ties to the natural world can boost your health. Observe an aquarium, look at landscape photography, or visit a garden. Connect with nature, connect more deeply with yourself, and create energy and harmony.

For more information on this topic, please call us now at (561) 588-4545. Thanks for watching today’s Therapeutic Thursday and we’ll see you again next month!