Stress Changes Your Brain and Your Body

Stress Changes Your Brain and Your Body

Stress and AnxietyEveryone reacts differently to stress and anxiety and the wide range of symptoms the people experience are both physical and psychological in nature.

Because stress affects both the brain and the body, it’s helpful to determine if you have any health issues that might be contributing to your stress levels and if there are any underlying causes.

When psychiatrists review the patients symptoms of stress, they first look to see if their are any physical illnesses or medications side effects that might be the cause of the problem.  Next they search for symptom clusters or particular syndromes that might point to the underlying cause.

For example, the cluster of insomnia, weight loss, fatigue and poor concentration points to depression as a likely cause.  When a patient complains of trembling  upset stomach, indecisiveness, tension, and worry, an anxiety or panic disorder might be the culprit,

Each of these symptom clusters has different treatment approaches that have been shown to be effective in relieving the symptoms.