Monday Mojo for Caregivers – The Power of You – Leveraging Your Personal Strengths

Monday Mojo for Caregivers – The Power of You – Leveraging Your Personal Strengths

Monday Mojo for Caregivers – The Power of You - Leveraging Your Personal StrengthsMonday Mojo for Caregivers – The Power of You – Leveraging Your Personal Strengths

Everyone has his or her own unique skills, talents and capabilities. Just like every snowflake is different and uniquely special, so is each person on the planet. Sadly, often people don’t have the opportunity to explore and develop their capabilities. However, in order to achieve your maximum level of success and happiness, it is key to get in touch with your unique talents.

If you feel stuck and unfulfilled in the workplace, it may be the right time to “dig deep” and try to connect with your core strengths. It is not uncommon that as we go through life we lose track of our core interests and talents. Are you one of those people that have been stuck for years in a rut or a career that simply is not in line with your gifts?

If you feel you have been going through life without tapping into your personal strengths, here are some steps for reconnecting with them.

Step 1: Try to Take a Step Back

One good rule of thumb is to think back to when you were young, and consider what your passions were at that time. Because youngsters have fewer experiences cluttering their minds, they are often more in touch with their true wants and their true desires. As we grow up, friends, families and institutions pull us in numerous directions. This process results in many of us simply losing track of our innate, natural abilities.

One good exercise that will help you connect with your core talent and abilities is to recall what compliments you used to receive when you were a child. What good things did your teachers tell your parents? What did your friends admire about you? Take some time and consider the answers to these questions.

Step 2: Ask for Help

If you just don’t know what your strengths are, don’t worry! You certainly are not alone, as many people are completely out of touch with their natural strengths and talents. Once you get into a pattern of not utilizing your strengths, sometimes it is difficult at first to get back in touch with them.

The good news is that a wide variety of very accurate tests and methods have been designed to help you assess your dominant abilities and areas of natural skill. Go to the library or bookstore and browse through books in the Self-Development and Business sections. Before you know it, you will find fascinating books that offer surveys and strategies for reconnecting with your true strengths. These books usually include tests and personal development strategies for living a life in harmony with your true self.

There are also counselors, and coaches who are dedicated to helping people find their core abilities. These coaches can help teach you how to tap into these abilities. Working with a coach is a great way to get past potential hurdles and get morale support for new ventures.

Step 3: Make Progress in a New Direction

For some people, making a clean break with a current job and going directly after something new is the best path. If you are not ready to make a total break with your current line of work, why not explore some of your areas of strength on the side?

You can take classes on a subject that intrigues you, meet with new groups of people with similar interest, or research new subjects you find exciting. Any small steps you can take in your free time to explore new areas of yourself are of tremendous benefit.

As you finally tap into your passion, you will find that you are rarely tired and drained at the end of a working day. When you are drawing on your strengths, you will find that your energy is limitless. You will be full of inspired ideas and dreams for your future.

You will find that once you begin leveraging your personal strengths and talents, your life will begin to progress in a smoother fashion and you will be happier as a result. You will feel well adjusted and balanced when you are living your life in line with your true self.

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