Monday Mojo for Caregivers –Positive Affirmations for Caregivers

Monday Mojo for Caregivers –Positive Affirmations for Caregivers

Monday Mojo for Caregivers – Changing Your Story - Positive Affirmations for CaregiversPositive Affirmations for Caregivers


The life of a caregiver is one of constant ups and downs, with no two days alike. It’s a life filled with struggles, as well as triumphs.

Unfortunately, being a caregiver is oftentimes a thankless job. A caregiver’s life revolves around this role, with little attention paid to his or her own mental health and wellbeing. With so much to attend to, it’s easy to understand how negative thoughts, doubts, or frustration creep in.

To invigorate focus, keep our health up, and your stress down — its important to reflect and show gratitude for yourself. A first step involves converting negative thinking into positive thinking. Instead of telling yourself “No matter what I do, it’s never enough”, reframing the situation to – “I always try my best”, will give you the energy to support others by supporting yourself!

Positive affirmations are a great tool for practicing self-care as a caregiver and for cultivating positive self-talk.  These short ‘n sweet statements will help you feel good about your role as a caregiver and increase your sense of accomplishment.

Positive Affirmations for Caregivers

To get started, find a quiet place to be alone with your thoughts. Now repeat after me:

  • I love myself therefore when I make a mistake I forgive myself.
  • I love myself therefore today I choose to release all fears and doubts.
  • I love myself therefore I will accept that I will have bad days from time to time.
  • I am thankful to still have my loved ones in my life.
  • I am safe and I care for all my needs.
  • I replace my fears with love.
  • I am appreciated.
  • I am in control.
  • I am not alone.
  • I am enough.

When creating your own affirmations, focus on areas of your caregiving experience that you would like to improve or feel better about. Turning your goals into short, positive statements will help you get of the cycle of “wishing it was true” into making situations a reality. Repeat the statements to yourself on a regular basis, several times a day, perhaps at a set time such as before breakfast or before bed.

Make the process fun! Write your affirmations on colorful post-its notes, to give yourself reinforcement throughout the day. Keep a small index card of your affirmations in your wallet or purse. Turn to it if a crisis should arise and take solace that you’re carrying peace and comfort. Learning to love, appreciate, and respect yourself as a caregiver takes time and patience.

When we show ourselves gratitude, positive feelings and behaviors follow that allow us to cherish the special experience of care giving even more.

For additional resources, feel free to contact us at (561) 588-4545. Thanks for watching today’s Monday Mojo and we’ll see you again next week!