End of Life Home Care Services in West Palm Beach

Alzheimer's Caregivers BlogElderCare at Home, Inc., d/b/a End of Life Home Care Services, has been providing comfort, care and supportive services to patients and families for over eleven years.

Most of our families receive care and services under our Reach out for Respite program or our Comporting Companions program. We are able to work alone or with any of the wonderful, licensed Hospice organizations in our community.

Mission: To enhance the quality of life for those facing advancing illness, death and bereavement through skilled and compassionate care, education, and advocacy

Vision: Quality end-of-life care for all.


  • Respect: We respect the intrinsic worth of each individual.
  • Compassion: Compassion underscores all of our actions and decision-making. We demonstrate an empathic, non-judgmental manner. We believe in the power of tender acts of kindness.
  • Integrity: Integrity forms the basis of personal and professional practice. We take individual and collective responsibility for our actions.
  • Commitment: Commitment to quality end-of-life care is fundamental to our work and our relationships. Through our dedication, we honor the people we serve, each other and ourselves.
  • Collaboration: Collaboration is fundamental to achieving our best work. Respectful, honest communication, with appreciation for diversity enables us to accomplish together what could not be achieved alone.
  • Excellence: Through the active pursuit of skills, knowledge, growth and innovation, we achieve our highest personal and professional potential in our unwavering quest for quality end-of-life care.

Our Integrated ElderCare Model™ (IEC) has proven to be the most successful model for keeping patient’s in the place they most want to be… their own home. Our services not only address the individualized needs of the patient, but we focus on the needs of the “whole family”.

Most of our patient’s not only suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, but have been diagnosed with other conditions such as: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, renal insufficiency, congestive heart failure (CHF), anxiety and/or depression. Our multidisciplinary team approach not only provides ongoing and continuous care, but it incorporates the entire medical, physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs of the patient and the unique needs of their family.

End of Life Home Care Services can provide care for the patient:

  • When they can no longer ambulate without assistance
  • When they are incontinent of bowel and urine
  • When they need total assistance with bathing
  • When they need total assistance with dressing
  • When they are completely bed-bound
  • When they need assistance with eating
  • When they are unable to speak or communicate

Whether you live across the street or across the country, ElderCare at Home is committed to helping you and your family keep your loved one in the place the most want to be… their own home!

To learn more, please call 800-209-4342