Register for Palm Beach County Special Needs Shelter

Register for Palm Beach County Special Needs Hurricane ShelterPalm Beach County has established a special needs program to provide care for people with certain medical problems during a major emergency, such as a hurricane.

Before anyone can seek shelter at a Palm Beach county special needs shelter, they must complete an official Palm Beach County Special Needs Application 

To be eligible for special services, you must pre-register and meet the following established criteria:

  • Oxygen-dependent residents requiring electricity
  • People with minor health/medical conditions that require professional observation and assessment
  • People with the need for medications and/or vital sign monitoring and who are unable to do so without assistance
  • Patients who are too immobile and/or have chronic stable illness, but are not suitable for a regular shelter

The official Palm Beach County Special Needs Application ,must be completed with your doctor and returned to the Division of Emergency Management.  The Palm Beach County Health Department will determine if you are then eligible for the program.  You can learn more about the Palm Beach County Special Needs Program here. 

The Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center is the only non-profit organization in Palm Beach, Broward, Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River counties to provide Alzheimer’s caregivers with a Dementia Specific Hurricane Preparedness Program™

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