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Support for Children & Teens
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It’s tough when your child is sad. Parents want to do everything they can to help them feel better. When someone they love has Alzheimer’s disease, parents often find they could use some additional guidance and support, to help their child or teen cope with their feelings.

Some of the emotions children and teens might experience include:  

  • Sadness about changes in a loved one’s personality and behavior
  • Confused or afraid about why the person behaves differently
  • Worried that the disease is contagious and that they will get it
  • Worried that their parents might develop the disease
  • Angry and frustrated by the need to repeat activities or questions
  • Guilty for getting angry or being short-tempered with the person
  • Jealous and resentful because of the increased amount of time and attention that is given to the person with Alzheimer’s
  • Embarrassed to have friends or other visitors to the house

source: Alzheimer’s Association

Coaching for Kids provides a warm and comfortable environment where your child can:

  • Receive comfort and support
  • Have an opportunity to express their feelings and emotions
  • Learn that their feelings are normal
  • Receive age appropriate education about the disease
  • Ask questions and receive honest answers

Coaching for Kids is offered in Group settings and on a one-to-one basis.
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