Assessing Stress in the Palm Beach County Caregiver

Alzheimer's Caregivers BlogOne of the first things we do at the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center is to offer to assess the caregiver.  Our Caregiver Assessment addresses the needs of the caregiver as distinct and separate from the care receiver.  The caregiver assessment is the first step in helping the caregiver maintain his or her own health.  It can also be the first step in identifying caregiver stress, depression and anxiety.

The assessment gives the caregiver the ability to understand their own role as it relates to care giving, and defines what abilities they need to carry out required tasks.   We often find that the assessment causes the caregiver to realize just how much time their care giving activities take away from spending time with his or her family and friends, and how much it affects their own quality of life. This is frequently a wake-up call and acceptance of the fact that the caregiver might need help.

The professional care managers at the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center assess the caregiver’s specific burdens and their present health status.  The assessment not only addresses the type and frequency of the care needed by the Alzheimer’s/dementia patient, such as help with activities of daily living, but also other portions of the caregiver’s life such as employment and informal support systems.

By the time the Caregiver Assessment is complete, the needs of the whole family have been addressed and the care manager has clearly identified the problems and is able to help the caregiver by providing appropriate solutions.

To learn more about our Caregiver Assessments or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 561-588-4545 and remember, you are not alone.