Ask the Expert – How Can I Help a Friend Whose Husband Has Alzheimer’s?

Ask the Expert – How Can I Help a Friend Whose Husband Has Alzheimer’s?

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Question – My best friend’s husband has Alzheimer’s disease. What can I do to help?

Answer – It can be very difficult when you know someone you care about is struggling.  Here are some tips on ways you can help your friend:

  • Stay in touch – show you care: After diagnosis it’s not uncommon to lose friends who can no longer relate or are not sure what to do. A card, phone call or visit will mean a lot.
  • Treat the person with respect and dignity: Include them in as many conversations and activities as possible.
  • Do the little things: Offer to drop off dinner or run an errand. It’s the small efforts that make the most impact.
  • Be specific when offering help: Yes, you may want to do everything on the to-do list. But just pick 1 or 2 tasks
  • Educate yourself: Learn about Alzheimer’s disease or the dementia that the individual is suffering from.
  • Be a good listener: Be there for the family. Support and accept, they are going thru a lot.
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle: Suggest useful, easy to do tips on exercise or eating right.
  • Allow the family some personal time: If you’re comfortable, relieve the primary caregiver when needed.

If you know someone or have a friend who is caring for someone with this disease and you’re not sure what to do. Reach out to us today for information and guidance. To submit your questions to Ask the Expert, send an email to [email protected]