3 Tips to Help Caregivers Find More Time

3 Tips to Help Caregivers Find More Time

3 Tips to Help Caregivers Find More TimeIt seems so often in our fast paced world, we feel pressed for time as the hours in the day wiz by.  This feeling of time speeding by seems to apply even more to those of us who are caregivers.

It is often a true challenge to find time to meet our loved one’s needs in 24 hours, and so too often we allow our own needs to go unmet.  But I believe you can find time!  There are 1440 minutes in a day.

If we allow ourselves to find just 10 minutes in that 1440 we get, it could make a positive impact on our mood, our mind and our body.  How can you find 10 minutes to spare?  Consider these tips:

  1. Schedule personal time:  Create 5 minutes of “me” time in the AM and 5 minutes in the PM just as you would schedule times to give medication to your loved one, or an appointment.  Make an appointment with YOU to have a 5 minute shower, spend 5 minutes online, 5 minutes laying down to rest your mind & body or to watch a ACRC Monday Mojo.
  2. Wake up 10 minutes earlier:  Everyone cherishes sleep, but in 10 minutes you could have a cup of coffee and read some of the paper, or take a nice hot shower to get ready for your day ahead.
  3. Ask for help:  It is always a challenge to reach out for support, but often friends and family welcome opportunities to help.  Ask a family member of neighbor to come over for 10 minutes after dinner, or before lunch so you can sit outside and enjoy some sunshine or give yourself a chance to read your email.

10  minutes may not seem like a lot of time but those 10 minutes will make a big impact on your own health and wellbeing.  You still will have 1430 minutes for everyone else who needs you!

Want to learn more about caring for yourself or finding respite options for your loved one so you can enhance your ability to care for your own needs?

Call the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center at 561-588-4545 and let’s explore your unique situation and find ways we can help, our door is always open for you.

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